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The Preparatory Academy for Writers 

"Writers, get your learn on!" 

A Message to Parents and Students:

Dear PAW Community,

As we adapt to a new educational modality amid the growing health concerns associated with COVID-19, it is paramount to the staff and faculty at Writers that we keep you informed on the measures we are taking as a school to continue educating our students to the highest standards. 


Please help us out by completing our Remote Learning Parent Form, which will help us better serve everyone. Your active participation in the education of your children is very important, as we transition to a digital method of teaching and learning that is new for many in the PAW community. If you would like to request tablets or laptops for your students from the NYCDOE, you can fill out this brief form. The DOE will be in direct contact with families regarding how and where they can pick up these loaned devices.


If you need any assistance signing into Google Classroom, click here for step-by-step instructions on how to log on.

Thank you for your continued support and attention during this time. Any questions, comments, or concerns should be directed to Parent Coordinator, Jessica Brown-Angus

Warm Regards,

PAW Administration