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  The Preparatory Academy for Writers 

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The Leading Ladies

of P.A.W.

A Mentoring Group for 11th and 12th Grade Students

Facilitators: Mrs. Serrette, Ms. James,

Ms. Dandridge, and Mrs. Gallagher

Who Are We?

The Leading Ladies of PAW is a mentoring group for 11th and 12th-grade students. Our goal is to motivate, uplift, and inspire members to live the best life that they can. Through the incorporation of community service, we instill and reinforce the importance of community engagement, and of being positive role models. We explore issues that are relevant and crucial to the development of strong, and independent young ladies, who lead and do not follow, such as; how to rise above adversity, while remaining true to ourselves and our community. Our members learn how to carry themselves as ladies with high self-esteem and self-worth.


We have participated in the Central Park Breast Cancer Walk to support survivors of Breast Cancer and the fight for a cure. As a group, we take educational, yet fun trips that center on female empowerment. Most importantly, we support each other through hard times, and we celebrate each other when we succeed, because when one of us succeeds, then all of us succeed. The Leading Ladies of PAW is here to listen to your troubles, to help you get through your struggles, and to celebrate you when you persevere because we stand together as one.


We are an LGBTQ inclusive club. The Springfield Gardens Campus GSA was created last year by 2 Seniors from Carver and Ms. Gallagher. We meet every Tues in rm 102b for all 4 schools from 3-4 pm.

We are a social/emotional and educational club. We promote tolerance and a safe space for all students. We have events such as bake sale fundraisers, tshirts and bracelets, movie afternoons with snacks and drinks, LGBTQ speakers, music parties, PRIDE Events and a yearly mixer

Beautiful Me

Young women self-esteem empowerment group

Ms James & Ms Chan