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PAW's Part- In this Together

As we all do our part to socially distance and flatten the corona virus curve, we want to provide you with resources that will keep you informed on the latest health advisories and City-wide educational shifts. Here you'll find the most current DOE information, PAW specific updates, as well as health/mental health resources for you and your children.

We ask that you be perceptive to calls and emails from the school, as staff and faculty will be reaching out frequently to check in with both parents and students. We appreciate your dynamism and understanding now and in the coming weeks.  


Please help us out by completing our Remote Learning Parent Form, which will help us better serve everyone. Your active participation in the education of your children is very important, as we transition to a digital method of teaching and learning that is new for many in the PAW community. If you would like to request tablets or laptops for your students from the NYCDOE, you can fill out this brief form. The DOE will be in direct contact with families regarding how and where they can pick up these loaned devices.


If you need any assistance signing into Google Classroom, click here for step-by-step instructions on how to log on.

Parent/ Student Resources

Overcoming Obstacles, a "free life-skills program [that] engages students, increases graduation rates & makes schools safer", has created 'snapshots' students and parents in the midst of the virus outbreak. These snapshots contain a variety of activities that will help parents assist their children in managing stress, adapt positive mindsets, and cultivate a plethora of learning and developmental skills. Snapshots are available in both English and Spanish, ages 8-12 and 13+, and are pertinent to all PAW students. Access those resources here: 

Additional Resources 

We know that families are being affected by COVID-19 in more way than one, and we want do our best to continue to connect families with supplemental services in the middle of hardship. The New York State Leadership Council has compiled a list of resources for families to access regarding monetary funds, mental health support, food, housing, internet, bills assistance, and arts programs. e 

Free Internet Access for Families

Internet providers are providing free access at this time:


Call 1-844-488-8395 to enroll

Comcast Internet Essentials:

Apply at  https://www.internetessentials.com/covid19


Call 866-200-9522 to enroll

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