143 -10 Springfield Blvd, Springfield Gardens NY 11413

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The Preparatory Academy for Writers 

"Writers, get your learn on!" 

"Play After Work"

 The CCNY Afterschool Care Program at PAW

Play After Work is  the Preparatory Academy For Writers' After School Care Program, run and operated by the Child Center of NY. We operate Mondays- Fridays from school dismissal until 5:30pm. We offer interactive activities such as artistic expression, dance, drumming, sports and video production, that are guaranteed to expand your child's horizons and to challenge their skillsets. We provide a hot meal and 40 minutes of homework help each day with the exception of Wednesday which is FUNDAY! During some of our school breaks, we go on two trips and provide transportation. The after school program and trips are completely free and are at no cost to parents. We are honored to serve the PAW community. Please let me know if I can connect you to any other information.